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International Teacher Training Conference

We were delighted to host our new international teachers at NLCS (UK) for a 3 day training conference.

The recent NLCS International Teacher Training Conference was a remarkable event that brought together new teaching staff from our schools in Jeju, Dubai, and Singapore. Over the course of three days, delegates immersed themselves in the rich history, ethos, and innovative teaching practices that define NLCS, fostering connections and enhancing understanding, ready to start their new roles in August.

Day 1: Building Connections and Exploring the NLCS Ethos

The conference commenced with an exciting start as new staff members from NLCS Jeju, Dubai, and Singapore met their peers and Principals. This initial interaction set the stage for a collaborative and enriching experience. Participants delved into the history and shared ethos of NLCS, attending sessions that highlighted the defining characteristics of an NLCS education. Discussions on the enrichment pillar and the IB diploma program provided a comprehensive understanding of the academic frameworks that underpin our schools.

Day 2: Hands-On Learning and Institutional Insights

The second day was filled with interactive and hands-on activities designed to deepen the delegates’ understanding of NLCS teaching methodologies. Teachers had the opportunity to engage in Learning Walks, led by Heads of Departments, where they observed exemplary lessons in action. This practical insight into classroom dynamics allowed new staff to see the principles of NLCS teaching brought to life.

In addition to lesson observations, the day included sessions on the pivotal role of the library, IB continuum talks, and comprehensive school tours. These activities provided a holistic view of the resources and support systems available within NLCS. The senior societies fair, organised by Year 12 students at NLCS (UK), showcased the vibrant extracurricular life that complements our academic excellence, further illustrating the well-rounded education offered at NLCS.


Delegate in session
Day 3: Subject Knowledge and Reflective Practice

The final day of the conference coincided with the UK INSET day, allowing international teachers to spend quality time with NLCS (UK) staff. The day featured insightful subject knowledge talks on cutting-edge topics such as AI in Design & Technology and The Origin of Life, Evolution, Aliens, and Consciousness. These sessions highlighted the breadth and depth of knowledge within the NLCS community.

A standout feature of the day was the mini Nicholson lecture session, where Gwen Byrom and Humphrey Waddington shared their passions, exemplifying the unique aspect of NLCS education that encourages staff to inspire through their personal interests. The day concluded with reflective sessions led by each teacher’s Principal, providing an opportunity to consolidate the knowledge and experiences gained over the past three days.

A Commitment to Excellence

As our delegates prepare to transition into their roles at NLCS Jeju, Dubai, and Singapore, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the conference underscores its success. This being our 14th year hosting the annual teacher training conference, it remains a unique aspect of NLCS International, bringing all our schools together once a year. It serves as an amazing way to stay connected as a tight-knit family of schools while exemplifying our dedication to ensuring our teaching staff provide an exceptional educational experience to our students worldwide.

One delegate said:
“I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days of training. I was already looking forward to my new job but the whole experience made me feel more prepared, at ease and excited about the move.”
We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the delegates who attended this year, as well as our Principals and staff from across our school group for their dedication to providing fulfilling sessions.


Delegate in conversation with staff at NLCS


Principals, Senior Team and Gwen Byrom from across NLCS International Schools

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