NLCS International recruitment


Although each school within the NLCS group is responsible for managing its own recruitment process, NLCS International is involved in the appointment of every member of teaching staff.

The NLCS recruitment process

This typically involves some, or all of the following for shortlisted candidates:

The critical element of the recruitment process is seeing every candidate teach. At the heart of an NLCS education is high-quality teaching, and we want to ensure that every candidate meets this standard before they are appointed. This will either be through a taught lesson at an NLCS school or providing evidence of teaching at their current school. Providing teaching evidence will be discussed in more depth with candidates invited to interview.

The aim of this thorough process is to ensure that the best teachers join the NLCS family, nurturing and maintaining an outstanding teaching community.

Current Opportunities

Please note that only current teaching advertisements will appear here. If in any instance, one or more of our schools have no jobs available, they will not appear on this page. For non-teaching roles, please check the school's website.

  • Image of school NLCS (UK)

    NLCS (UK)

  • Image of school Japan

    NLCS Japan

    NLCS Japan

    Jobs available (Japan)

    Job Role

    NLCS Japan: Principal

    Full time, fixed term

     North London Collegiate School (NLCS) International seeks an inspirational Founding Principal to establish and lead NLCS in Japan.  Opening in August 2025 as a co-educational day school for pupils aged 3 to 18 years, this exciting new venture will bring NLCS’s et...

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    Listed 24 days ago

  • Image of school NLCS Jeju

    NLCS Jeju

    Jobs available (NLCS Jeju)

    Job Role

    NLCS Jeju: Director of University Guidance Counselling

    Full time, fixed term

    North London Collegiate School Jeju seeks a Director of University Guidance Counselling. Effective start date: August , 2024 NLCS Jeju opened in 2011, joining the NLCS family of schools. The School reserves the right to make an appointment before any deadline dates...

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    Listed 3 days ago

  • Image of school NLCS HCMC

    NLCS Ho Chi Minh City

    Jobs available (NLCS HCMC)

    Job Role

    NLCS HCMC: Junior School Teaher

    Full time, fixed term

    North London Collegiate School Ho Chi Minh City seeks a Teacher of Junior School Effective start date: August 2024 The School reserves the right to make an appointment before any deadline dates if a suitable candidate is found. Proposed interview dates: TBC&n...

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    Listed 10 days ago

    Job Role

    NLCS HCMC: Vietnamese Teachers

    Full time, fixed term

    North London Collegiate School Ho Chi Minh City seeks Vietnamese Teachers  Effective start date: August 2024 The School reserves the right to make an appointment before any deadline dates if a suitable candidate is found. Proposed interview dates: TBC&nb...

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    Listed 30 days ago

Working with the NLCS group

NLCS schools have a consistent educational philosophy. This cohesive approach, using the same three educational pillars, means that NLCS International is able to support and offer group-wide opportunities.

Why work for NLCS?

As an international school group, we are committed to ensuring that every school bearing the NLCS name truly lives up to the standards and principles that we stand for.

Meet our staff

Staff member Amy Wybrant Teacher Testimonies for NLCS Dubai
Jennifer Lamb Teacher Testimonial NLCS (Singapore) Recruitment
Teacher testimonials, NLCS Dubai, Recruitment
April Wilson, Teacher of P.E & Assistant Head of House at NLCS Jeju
Tajvir Singh, Head of Computer Science at NCLS Jeju
Carolyn Moran, Head of Year 1 at NLCS Jeju

“With pastoral care at its heart and its academic ethos, there is no other school like NLCS Dubai. It pushes me to be my best and get the best from my students.”

Amy Wybrant, Head of Biology, NLCS Dubai

“Although the school is large (8 floors!) there is still a sense of community across the school and within the grade teams. My colleagues are wonderful which helps when working at a fast paced school.”

Jennifer Lamb, Grade 5 Teacher, NLCS (Singapore)

“NLCS Dubai offers incredible facilities and a high level of education for young people. I could recognise that it would be a wonderful experience as a teacher in such a diverse society. It was an opportunity to work alongside some of the best educators in the region/world.”

Neil Clench, Teacher of Drama, NLCS Dubai

“I really love that the school gives so many opportunities to students to be exceptional beyond the curriculum. I really enjoyed seeing students follow their passions and get involved in such a wide range of activities”

April Wilson, Teacher of P.E & Assistant Head of House, NLCS Jeju

“I chose to come to NLCS Jeju because I love exploring new places and aftercoming here I found student’s passion to learn and excel in all disciplines is exemplary and motivating for other students and staff”

Tajvir Singh, Head of Computer Science, NLCS Jeju

“I heard about NLCS Jeju from Korean parents in my last school. They described it as a school that everyone dreams of having their kids in. When I investigated further, I was delighted at the school’s fundamental ‘can do’ philosophy which does not place ceilings on children’s learning.”

Carolyn Moran, Head of Year 1, NLCS Jeju

“It’s demanding but very fulfilling, if you are passionate about something you can really drive with it here and start something new. You are also given lots of opportunities to try new things out yourself”

Mark Eyton-Jones, Year 4 Class Teacher, NLCS Jeju

“North London Collegiate School is a place where each child is seen, supported and cared for… Being a teacher at NLCS is fantastic for many reasons, and all staff members are ardent about their specialisms and subjects”

Jordana Worthington, KG2 Class Teacher, NLCS Dubai

Training and CPD

NLCS International hosts and delivers an annual training programme for all new staff joining, which complements a further staff induction when colleagues reach their new school. This unique training programme introduces the NLCS educational philosophy, and gives new staff an opportunity to visit NLCS (UK) and see the school ‘in action’. New colleagues are universally positive about the training, with 98% stating that the training in 2022 was a valuable experience and that it will have an impact on their approach to teaching as they commence their new role.

This is the beginning of ongoing professional development at each school, which offers staff the chance to progress within their organisation. The CPD programme aims to support teachers in developing their knowledge and skills. These are formal programmes, for example to support new middle leaders in their roles, or informal programmes, such as journal clubs to improve pedagogical knowledge.

Student initiatives

Communities of Practice

NLCS International manages a programme to connect colleagues at each NLCS school to deliver student-focussed activities, known as our ‘communities of practice’. The aim of these communities is to facilitate student collaboration and to develop and enhance students’ global outlook. For staff, this also provides a forum for discussion with practitioners in the same departments at different schools.

As well as the Communities of Practice, there are opportunities for students to work together on projects, such as Global Magazine, to take part in exchanges and compete in debates between different schools in the group.


How to Apply

Each school within the NLCS Group manages its own recruitment process, adhering to their Safeguarding Policy and Recruitment Policy. Each school’s Safeguarding Policy is available on their website, and their Recruitment Policy is available upon request.

All schools in the NLCS Group are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. The schools expect all teaching staff, non‐teaching staff and volunteers to share and uphold this commitment.

How to apply