NLCS celebrates the kings coronation

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Celebrating the King's Coronation

NLCS held magnificent coronation celebrations to commemorate the ascension of King Charles III to the throne. The event was attended by students and staff who were treated to an array of performances and activities.

The festivities at our mother school, NLCS (UK) began with our headmistress, Dr Bagworth-Mann with members of the Big Six planting a tree on the school grounds. This tradition of planting a tree during a royal coronation goes back to 1953, when the headmistress at the time, Dame Kitty Anderson also planted a tree with the help of students to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The act of planting trees also has other significant ties to the royals, as his Majesty, King Charles III visited North London Collegiate School in 2005 and planted a Chinese Scholar tree, which continues to flourish beside the NLCS International office to this day.

Staff and students also enjoyed a coronation afternoon tea on the school grounds, with amazing musical performances taking place in the background by the school’s orchestra. Similarly, coronation celebrations also took place in our international school, NLCS (Singapore) where students had the honour of playing their instruments at the prestigious Eden Hall.

NLCS International takes pride in its long-standing traditions of academic excellence and cultural diversity, with the coronation being a fitting tribute to these values. Celebrations like this are what bring our community together and we hope that the the long lived traditions we uphold continue throughout the future generations of NLCS students.

NLCS (Singapore) performing at the Eden Hall.

Dame Kitty Anderson planting a tree for the Queens coronation (left), King Charles planting a tree at NLCS in 2005 (right)


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