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Five reasons why strategic planning is important for schools

Strategic planning is essential for all schools in achieving their goals, fulfilling their mission and providing the best possible education for their students. Here are five reasons why strategic planning is particularly important for new schools:

1. Aligns staff with the school’s mission and vision

The alignment of all staff with the school’s mission and vision is one of the most fundamental reasons why strategic planning is essential for educational institutions. By creating a vision and mission that are then communicated via action, the school can foster a sense of cohesion and focus among its staff – particularly crucial during the early years of a school’s development.


2. Creates an action plan for leaders

Leaders at all levels have a plan to follow thanks to strategic planning. This plan aids in monitoring advancement in every aspect of the school so that senior leaders can determine if the school is on track to achieve its goals. Leaders are able to prioritise tasks and manage resources effectively when they have a roadmap outlining the steps required to accomplish the school’s objectives.

3. Drives school enrolment

Strategic planning helps to establish a new school within the local area. Developing a cohesive mission and vision, and a plan to communicate this supports engagement with prospective parents. A well-planned strategy can help to differentiate the school from its competitors and communicate its unique value proposition to potential families. This can drive admissions, helping the school to grow and thrive.

4. Establishes the school in the local and national market

Planning strategically can aid in achieving important goals and objectives that are in line with the specific needs of the local community. The school can create a plan to optimise operations, define goals, assess the impact of programs which benefit the community and make wise decisions about use of resources whilst keeping in line with the government regulations. This helps to establish the school in the country as a leading institution that serves its community.

5. Creates a “proof point” for parents

Finally, strategic planning creates a “proof point” for parents. By communicating their strategic plans, including plans for assessment, staffing structures and technology systems which support the school’s vision for students, trust is inspired among stakeholders. When parents see the school’s commitment to its mission and the concrete steps it is taking to achieve its goals, they are more likely to trust the school and choose it for their children’s education.


To conclude

Strategic planning is essential to the success of a school. It harmonises the school’s mission, develops an action plan for leaders, encourages enrolment and reinforces the school’s reputation locally and nationally. By investing time in strategic planning, schools can deliver the best possible education for their pupils and fulfil their educational mission.

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